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A Telling Comment

Posted by acdtest on August 22, 2003

A Telling Comment

he latest development in the now infamous incident in Rio de Janeiro several days ago involving American opera director Gerald Thomas, who responded to the booing audience at his appearance onstage at the close of the premier of his Eurotrash production of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde by dropping his pants and presenting his bare ass to the audience’s gaze, makes perhaps the saddest comment of all concerning the affair.

Rio de Janeiro police are considering filing obscenity charges against opera director Gerald Thomas, who dropped his pants and displayed his posterior to the audience after a performance of Tristan und Isolde last weekend, O Estado de So Paulo reports.


According to the newspaper, police are investigating whether Thomas’ gesture was part of the show or simply an act of disrespect toward the public.

That the police need to investigate to determine whether the act of mooning was part of the show could not be a more telling indicator of the squalid depths to which these postmodern opera productions regularly descend in order to accommodate the outrageous, self-involved, self-serving vandalism of those directors who perpetrate these grotesque productions, and inflict them on a paying public.

How such productions continue to proliferate world-wide is totally beyond my comprehension. Has no-one heard of the concept called, “boycott”?


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