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Beyond Mere Building

Posted by acdtest on October 24, 2003

Beyond Mere Building

o reader of this weblog could possibly even begin to imagine the depth of my hatred of Los Angeles. But after crawling over thousands of words and hundreds of photographs detailing Disney Hall, exterior and interior, I’m ready to jump a flight for the Left Coast, and spend the next year camping out there.

Jesus!, what a profoundly beautiful building it looks to be (if mere building it can be called). If Disney Hall in the flesh lives up to the promise of the photographs (and my experienced eye tells me it almost certainly will), then all by itself it’s enough to resurrect to full bloom a years-dead faith in postmodern man’s creative and aesthetic capacity to produce genuinely great and enduring works of art. Now all that’s needed is the appearance of a Frank Gehry in the realms of music and literature, and we’ll all be home free.

UPDATE (25 October at 10:48 PM Eastern): Another philistine (and proud of it!) is heard from; one who clearly has not a clue as to what beautiful means when applied to a work of architecture.

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