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Posted by acdtest on November 9, 2003


y focus in this piece on the importance of TV shows in particular in selling classical music seems to have spawned widespread misunderstanding of my central idea. I was not suggesting TV be used to educate the young about classical music in the same way as, for instance, the famous Leonard Bernstein CBS Omnibus series did in the mid-’50s, although that would certainly be a part of it. What I was suggesting was something much more subtle, much more pervasive, much more, well, sneaky.

What I was suggesting was that classical music mention — by word, image, or example — become part of as many TV hours of as many TV shows as possible into which the marketing geniuses can manage, by hook or crook, to have inserted within the shows’ very scripts (news shows included) classical music mention much in the same way they now, in almost subliminal fashion, stealthily have inserted mention of, or reference to, or images of, whatever it is they’ve been hired to sell. In other words, make classical music mention — by word, image, or example — part of the very fabric of TV, and of other commercial media as well. This would act as the broad ground for classical music programming of the more conventional sort, both “educational” and straight performance, whenever possible.

In short, what I was suggesting was a saturation assault, or as close as that could be managed, on the American consciousness.


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