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Ross Does Disney

Posted by acdtest on November 13, 2003

Ross Does Disney


The New Yorker‘s Alex Ross does Disney Hall.

But the exterior is only the beginning of the wonder of the place. Disney is not simply a piece of prize-worthy architecture; it is also a sensational place to hear music and an enchanting place to spend an evening. In richness of sound, it has few rivals on the international scene, and in terms of visual drama it may have no rival at all. Wherever you sit in the hall, from the front center rows to the high back balcony, the gracefully curving, Spanish-galleon lines of the interior arrange themselves in hypnotic perspectives, and the music seizes you from all sides. The painting-on-a-wall illusion shatters; the orchestra throngs the air.

With each passing day, I’m getting closer and closer to hopping a plane for that hated city.


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