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Nicolas Gomez-Davila

Posted by acdtest on December 8, 2003

Nicolas Gomez-Davila

ave y’all ever heard of the Colombian philosopher Nicolas Gomez-Davila (1913-1994)? Me neither. But mathematician Nikos A. Salingaros has. Regular readers of this weblog may recognize Dr. Salingaros’s name from several prior articles of mine wherein I savaged him and his dense, convoluted writings in his capacity as self-styled and self-appointed architectural theorist.

Well, Dr. Salingaros may know diddly about architectural aesthetics, but he apparently knows a first-rate philosopher when he comes across one. Dr. Salingaros has posted on his website, along with his own brief introduction, a sampling of Gomez-Davila’s aphorisms in English translation, and they’re radiantly illuminating. They remind one of nothing so much as the aphorisms of the great Nietzsche in their trenchant, vivisectional commentary on society and culture, and in their brilliance of language (at least in Dr. Salingaros’s translation). I urge you to give them a read.

(Thanks to 2Blowhards for the link.)

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