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Art’s Place In The World

Posted by acdtest on December 16, 2003

Art’s Place In The World

eblogger George Hunka of Superfluities expounds on art’s place in the world, and concludes,

So what of the world, and art’s place in it? I can only go by the evidence of my own experience, small and insignificant in the larger scheme as that is. But it is this: that art, so far from engaging the world, should provide the means by which we are encouraged to transcend it.

Bypassing my quibble with George’s inappropriately utilitarian phrased “provide the means by which we are encouraged to transcend it” (I would state the case — and previously have — in terms of what all authentic art, and nothing else, actually does, which is provide us a glimpse, no matter how fleeting, of the transcendent, or of what we ordinarily call the Divine), I can only say Amen! to his thoughts.


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