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An Idea Or Two

Posted by acdtest on January 7, 2004

An Idea Or Two

eblogger Drew McManus of Adaptistration muses that it might be a good idea for orchestras to own their own local classical music (FM) radio station as a means of increasing the orchestra’s “outreach” to the community. Not a terrible or crazy idea, actually, but I suspect (but don’t really know) the initial cost for the license would be way prohibitive.

I’ve for some time toyed with another idea, which is that orchestras keep on staff a full-time audio engineer. His first duty would be to install a permanent miking setup and small (one- or two-man) studio in the orchestra’s home hall. Thereafter, all concerts would be recorded (digitally, of course), and CDs of each concert made instantly available for sale to the attending audience at concert’s end, then, through Internet distribution, made available for sale to the public at large world-wide. Seems to me the costs would be minimal, and the profits — both in terms of dollars and in terms of widespread recognition — considerable.

At any rate, something to think about.


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