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Comments, ‘A Question Of Art’

Posted by acdtest on February 2, 2004

Comments On “A Question Of Art”

Weblogger and professional photographer Rick Coencas of Futurballa has most interesting comments to make on this archived article.

Mr. Coencas’s technical comments are right on the money, as I would expect them to be, and I find nothing in them to which to object. In answer to Mr. Coencas’s gentle demur that I made my case by limiting myself to the photography of natural landscape, I’d note only that the discussion was limited to that specialized venue as the central focus of the article was the color photographs of two natural landscape color photographers (Galen and Barbara Rowell) who photographed almost nothing but.

As to the two color photographers mentioned by Mr. Coencas, I’m somewhat familiar with the work of both, and the one, William Eggleston, can, to my knowledge, by no stretch be counted as a natural landscape photographer; and the other, Cole Weston, did natural landscape in color mostly in clear abstractions, which sort of treatment I explicitly exempted from my remarks as it was outside the subject treated. And the very few truly natural landscapes of Cole Weston with which I’m familiar are just as much kitsch as anything done by the Rowells.

My above remarks notwithstanding, Mr. Coencas’s post is well worth your time reading.


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