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Teachout Touches On Gould

Posted by acdtest on February 9, 2004

Teachout Touches On Gould

Print journalist and weblogger Terry Teachout of About Last Night has some brief observations on Glenn Gould, and two brief questions as well, to which latter my brief answers are 1) Mostly not, and 2) Nope.

And as to Mr. Teachout’s comment on Gould’s literary preferences; viz.,

Eeuuww. The man behind that reading list sounds a perfect bore to me, and humorless to boot-just the sort of person who’d dislike Chopin, all French music, and most Mozart, as Gould did.

A “perfect bore” only to card-carrying members and fellow travelers of the, um, progressive New York cultural elite.

As to Gould’s dislike of Mozart’s music, much of that dislike was grounded in Gould’s dislike of the not strictly contrapuntal in all music (he was not overly fond of many of Bach’s preludes in The Forty Eight, for instance). And as to Gould’s dislike of Chopin and all French music, I can only remark that in that he exhibited discernment of the most exemplary sort.


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